Monday, March 30, 2009


Time to begin, I more procastinating, which I definitely don't do. On the contrary I want to fly into about 6 Neter cards at once, and have to hold myself back and take it easy, one step at a time.

I decided to start with one of my positive inner parts...generosity. I am incredibly generous (to a fault) which has a flip side (for another card and another day).

I became totally absorbed in what I was doing, first looking through all the bits and pieces I had been tearing out of books, magazines, newspapers the past few weeks, then cutting them up (with no real direction) then putting them all on the table in front of me.

My main focus had to be on hands. Don't know why I decided on hands, but -like the book says, these ideas aren't actually conscious ones; certain images 'talk' to you.
I ended up with dozens of images of hands, took the card and started, without any definite path.

What an incredible experience; very liberating, very fascinating and very strange. The card literally 'made' itself.

I know I love telling a good story and even exaggerating, but this is exactly what has just happened to me. Even the one word and the one foot came out of my mind and had to be done.

I am now putting everything away and not going to even try to analyse what I have just done and why!

Mind-blowing....I am sure I will be doing a few more this coming week.


  1. BRAVO!!! And it's EXCITING, isn't it?! To see how the card itself takes the lead ... you just KNOW this image belongs and that one doesn't ... hands make total sense to me as a symbol of generosity, but you'll have to figure out why it spoke to you. I can't wait to get home tonight and make one or two more!

  2. What enormous fun, and I love your 'handy' card.

  3. I must go and read the directions for this technique...very intreguing!!!

  4. You are very handy. Great card. I think it interesting to see just what we cut out as well as what we put together.

  5. Wonderful and philosophical! I feel the work is speaking for itself. It just came out explaing its stance. I loved the way you have done it.
    Very beautiful! I had done a collage sometime back for my husband. I'll have to post it and would like hear from you on it.
    I liked your spirit!
    Have a wondeful Day!



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