Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Committee Suit Cont.

Been at home today beavering away at my cards.

They all just 'happened' naturally, but it did take hours to sift through photos, find them, cut out those bits that 'shout' at me, then arrange them (didn't have to rearrange them, once and that's it!).Then stick and look at and scan and that's it.

So, here they are:

My Source card (possibly).

This one was easy, it was one image and said all I needed it to say.

Abused Child:
I realised after my first card that possibly 'less is more'.
This one didn't need a lot on it anyway, it just evolved.I was abused by my mother as a child and growing up, both physically and mentally, and it has affected everything I do and see and say.

Broken heart:
My heart has been broken many many times in my life, and this, too, just evolved. I knew I wanted it to be brown and dark.

Rebel: I was always a rebel, I just didn't feel as though I fitted into my skin most of the time as I as growing up. Because of my mother's severity, I rebelled every way I could. I was seen as being different and wierd and that was okay....But I didn't want this card to be dark and foreboding, as being a rebel gave me a lot of fun and joy.

The most important thing for me is NOT to compare my cards to other people's collage and find them 'wanting' in any way.

I do this at my art lesson, as the other woman is much more arty than I am but in a very staid rigid way, whereas I am prepared to try new things and am much more free with my stuff.

Likewise with these cards, I have looked at lots of collage books and other's work, and my cards seem so 'flat', but they are 'me' and for now that's fine. I am not doing them to please others, but for ME.


  1. Well first of all I do not see your cards as flat at all. 1) the words fly across the page, the broken words send messages loud and clear 2.)the hands reaching up are begging for love to my eye and no one is up there to give says volumes...and the person is the shadows is not available either as the perp/mom or the hiding child?? Wow 3.) The sweet broken candies/broken hearts tell all and the poor "Life Should Not Be Easy" must be how you were given to believe for all the heartache you suffered. Makes me want to cry and hold you. 4.)Again, being made to feel different/wierd/out of it...bold, rebellious, out there.
    They all SPEAK to me! There is nothing "flat" about your work. Keep it coming!
    And glad you are choosing not to compare yourself to any other artists (unless it's Picasso of course!) ;-) and Hugs!

  2. Flat? not in the least, wow. I love the abused child card, the images all tell the story for me in a very cohesive way. Your source card is wonderful -- I didn't think of using words that way. It's so counter-productive to compare, anyway, because NO ONE else has your story, your neters, your committee members, your inner attachments to the images. I love what you're doing and that you're sharing it ... I have felt kind of like I'm monopolizing Carla's post opportunities over at Wings 4 You ...

    oh, can I have your email address? Mine is

  3. This is the very thing that draws people to your are so free...I love that!!! It is awesome! I like your Broken Heart card.

  4. Your cards are certainly not flat. I think they are wonderful. You are expressing yourself in a positive way. Joy.

  5. What a wonderful process. So healing, and so refreshing to be able to view. Thanks for being so open and honest and brave. I think the cards are wonderful and amazing. I always try to remember a saying form the "artist way" goes something like "dear creator, you take care of the quality and I will take care of the quantity".

  6. Nope - not flat at all. There's a lot of soul in these collages!



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