Saturday, April 4, 2009

More Committees

I was in very upset and contrary mood yesterday, after my 'dentist' experience (
I felt restless and out of sorts all day long.
Eventually by about 9pm I was able to settle down to do some collaging, and immediately began to feel calmer
Here is what I produced:

When I am in control I do feel control, not only of the instant moment but of everything around me. Losing control is very scary for me.

Extreme moodiness has definitely waned as I've got older, but this is still part of me inside. I actually have to try very hard to deal with it.

Wearing Masks:

I wear a lot of masks in my life, appearing calm on the outside when I am often a ball of nerves on the inside. Sometimes I even begin to believe in my own masks!

After these I felt drained, but ready to do some more....


  1. I find collaging very theraputic. It gets me off the hook when I don't feel like drawing. These are great images, you seem to be doing really well with this project. I'm sending you good healing vibes for your teeth trauma!x

  2. These all speak volumes...I sure wish you'd let yourself use the relaxation has helped so many with exactly all you describe...(trust me)...Hugs...

  3. These are all very revealing!!!

  4. There is real emotion in these cards. I am just getting started in the process, haven't even gotten the book yet, but I am cutting out images, etc. And I've named a few Committee members. Thanks for sharing your images, they are very powerful. Sending healing light your way...

  5. hey, woman, you're doing something different here, much stronger images, more carefully edited? I don't know, but they're blunt and FULL of impact. Way cool!

  6. great post! cool images and well done.

    by the way thanks for the link, i'll do mine later. i am finding the book and i hope i can continue my collage work soon.

    best regards

  7. Drained is good. Just like you should occassionally drain a tank dry so that the old doesn't contaminate the new that will go in it, just so you need to drain your emotional tank so that new feelings can emerge undiluted. Nice work there Brush of The Soul!

  8. It's good to feel drained - it leaves the possibility of a positive refill



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