Thursday, April 30, 2009

Week Six: Chakra Allies

Before I leave week five behind, I had to do one more card that was nagging at my innards... One more person that influenced me (badly) and has to be mentioned, my first husband and father of my eldest son.

The first one:
I kept adding layers, but it still wasn't 'dark' enough...
This man influenced me so negatively: he punched me, he dominated me, he mistreated me, and he threw me into full-blown anorexia , and bulimia later in life, which was to last for over 30 years.

The second one:
Still not right....

The third one:
I HATE HIM for the way he still hurts my eldest son, to this very day!


  1. We all have negative things that happen in our lives Soul. I do hope you can let go of the hurt. I hope your son gets away from whomever it is that is awful to him. Life is too short to let someone hurt you. Peace.

  2. Good that you are processing all of this. My hope is that it will leave you a happier and healthier human being. I also hope that if it becomes too much you will seek out a professional to help guide you where you need to go...sometimes doing it all by ones self can become overwhelming. Be careful friend. ;-)

  3. How much more real are you now because of your experiences at the hands of this relationship? How much more easily are you able to respond to the pain of others and pray for them? How much more developed is your artistic expression because of the experiences that have added so many colors and hues to your spirit?

    In all cases, I'd say find it in your heart to thank him for giving you the fertile ground to become to bright spirit you are now. Even if it is only a whisper, whisper, "Peace be with you. Go in peace. Go."

  4. that's the amazing thing about this process -- pulling that stuff up, holding it in our minds, then our hands ... now 'that man' is contained on paper, and so maybe all the negative SH** can be, too. Except where it concerns your son, I agree that is much tougher. I like how the book says that even though we find a 'negative' entity amid our SoulCollage groups, we never know what they have to teach us ... Holly's comment really brings that point to life.

  5. I hate him too! Bastard. I would be happy to beat the shit out of him for you if I ever meet the son of a bitch!

  6. you are in good grounds now and having a good life-----i admire your strength and your openness. Peace.

  7. I can related too soulbrush, you have expressed your anger here so well.
    Beautiful take!

  8. yes i can feel all that you said in this collage.. the forms and colors...
    and that zigzag...

    happy i can comment on this blog (though i cannot see many of the pics)... your main blog is filtered for me...



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