Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Week Three: Letting Go

I certainly have been 'letting go' with my collage and they seem to be 'growing' and changing. When I look at my first one I did barely a week ago, I see quite a few differences.
Here are a few more...

City Girl:

I love big cities, and have lived in quite a few of them. I have lived in or visited Johannesburg, Cape Town, Lome, Bangkok, Dahran, Paris, Amsterdam, London, Cairo, Brisbane, Athens, Sydney and Hong Kong. I love the buzz, the thrills, the excitement, the noise, the hustle and bustle, but I do like to come home to my quiet street and my quiet house.

Mother: I have been a mother for nearly 38 years of my life. I have now watched my son and DIL struggling to get used to parenthood in the last 3 months and realise just how hard it was at the beginning. I love my sons dearly, but sometimes wonder what my life would've been like without them.

Eating Disorder Sufferer:
I have suffered from anorexia and/or bulimia for well over twenty years of my life. I consider myself 'recovering', but I still have bad days /periods. It is very important to me to confront it as much as possible....

Split Personality:
I am definitely two separate people;

happy and sad

controlling and controlled

generous and selfish

loving and hating

friendly and unfriendly

fearful and outspoken

loving and cool

The last two were really quite difficult to do, post and write about....it is only a few years since I admitted having an eating problem, so I feel really proud of myself for managing this.


  1. I see the growth already...
    Powerfully spoken
    Honestly protrayed
    Courageously shared

    I feel honored to come to this blog and watch you grow!

  2. You are doing such meaningful exploration! I just looked through all your cards and I see such depth and honesty... your cards are beautiful, both visually and symbolically. Thank you so much for haring these!


  3. You are such a brave lady Soulbrush. Your cards are so honest and open. It is difficult to image you as selfish, hateful or unfriendly. I think we all go through periods of being somewhat withdrawn. I almost have to so I can have time to recharge my batteries so to speak.

    Every time I see a young couple incorporating a baby into their lives I remember the struggle of making that change. I wasn't exactly a stellar Mother. My children survived and have thrived. I guess that is all we can expect.

    ((hugs)) Lisa

  4. You are one of the neatest people I know!!! I mean, cool, groovy, ultra extra special! Your art shows that as well!!!

  5. Wonderful job, and yea I agree with how hard it is to reveal some of these nuances ... DO be proud! Last night I was writing in my journal how suddenly intimidated I feel by this process -- like, good grief, if I summon up, name and release all these sides of myself, then what happens to my core? or do I find, suddenly, that I'm just in fragments on bond paper cards all over a desk top? I felt oddly, fiercely defensive about letting any more come out, so I didn't work on them last night.

  6. wonderful exploration! I am just now beginning my journey - and posted on my collage blog.

  7. These are really impressive. Interesting to see you working in so many different mediums now.

  8. Freaking wow!!!! This is just amazing. I love this and I love that you're doing this.

  9. The last collage is really the "best" if we were judging, but we're not. Collage, and many other forms of art, is sometimes more about what you don't put in than what you do put in.

  10. Soul, You are amazing at everything you do..
    This is wonderful!
    I liked Mother & Split Personality the BEST!Split Personality is very intriguing.
    To bravely acknowledge & post it really needs guts...Hats off to you!
    Keep Smiling & Spread the Smile(which you always do!)
    Good Day to you!

  11. These are wonderful! It takes a lot of courage to admit to the real us - the ones behind the smile, doesn't it. But it's also very revealing and helps to find the key and the whole.



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