Friday, April 24, 2009

Week Five: Allowing Intuition

Ideas and images, memories and strong emotions have continued to flow through my mind and body this past week.
I liked the title (allowing intuition).
I sat down to do a tribute to two very important people in my life... and here they are.

Auntie Essie

I was very surprised upon 'completing' this one. I thought I would be doing much much more on it, that it would be packed with images....
But, NO, this is it.
Essie was my spinster aunt (mother's sister), who I used to visit in my school holidays. She decided to marry a much older man for 'company', regretted it, and died 6 months the age of 50.
I adored her, she was everything to me, and I was only 16 when she left me. That was 45 years ago (nearly as long as she was alive), and I still miss her now, so much... it actually feels painful.
The 'red' blob on the whole left side sort of shocked me...what was that all about? Why so big and prominent?
I can only think of her blood and mine so strongly entertwined...with my broken heart (bottom left) also enmeshed in it.
We were two parts of the same being, one the right foot, one the left foot....and my best memories were of us sitting together giggling in the bath.
My bed was right beside hers and we used to fall asleep holding hands.
That, to me, meant true love. She loved me unconditionally and with everything inside her very soul. I miss you so much Auntie Essie.


This card surprised me in its intensity, as I thought it would be simple and easy to do, but it turned out to be very difficult (the hardest one of all my cards so far), with (possibly) too many images.

It means a lot to me and I won't analyse it. Maybe one day if Steven sees it, he may want to tell me how he interprets it. I love you totally and unconditionally, and I always will.


  1. These are so beautiful and full of emotion! I wonder what they would say if you used the "I Am the One Who..." exercise?


  2. I can see how much you miss your Auntie Soul. She is a treasured memory. She gave you enough love to last your whole life in the short time she was with you.

    As to your second card, I don't think there is too much on it. When you love someone so much you can't get enough of them. Every detail about them you want to keep.

    Great job with these.

  3. what great tributes! The cards are full of love. I love the colors both of them.

  4. Wow what a great tribute to your Auntie!! It's so sweet and beautifully collaged! I love all the great detail in the piece! Thanks so much for stopping by! It's always nice to hear from you.

  5. I think its terrific that you are doing this personal soul searching, inner work by yourself.
    I'm glad your pieces speak to you so clearly and completely. Painful at times I am sure, and oh so growth producing! I applaud you.

  6. I almost cried with your story about your aunt! that is such a beautiful and healing thing to do....

  7. Isn't it the way of Human Beings to love something so much that we stay 'stuck' in the moments of their leaving instead of living in the joy of all the moments they were so much a part of our lives?

  8. Your Aunt story explained to me my resistance to starting the cards! the connection is SO PERSONAL, yet the individuals in the community are just that, separate individuals (unlike the committee group, where they all reside inside me) ... I was feeling baffled by how to portray these individuals AS such but still incorporate their symbology and emotional importance to ME. ok ... I've finally got it, but now we've moved on to Chakras!!! ack!!!

  9. Hi Soul! What beautiful cards and such a wonderful tribute to two people you clearly love so much.
    YES, I would love to trade with you (in answer to your question on my blog) let me know what you would like and I'll get right on it.
    Thanks so much for visiting me.



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