Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Week Four: A New Chapter

After my last post I felt so drained, and quite empty. The fact that I had dredged up so much of my past (some things I had never spoken about, and definitely never 'shown' so publicly),left me feeling very 'low' as well.
Nothing else came out of me, although I did prepare my space and set everything in front of me a couple of times, and told myself I was feeling 'ready'...nothing happened.

I looked again at my list I had made of the Committee Suit, and saw there were still many parts of 'me' I hadn't explored. and also some duplicates I had written in my list too... what was that all about I wandered?
Still nothing...so I 'let it go' and 'freed' myself for the past week, turning my attention to other things.

But as soon as Carla's new post went up on Sunday, I felt all fired up and energetic once more. Somehow, a new chapter is what I needed. So, let the collaging begin...
These questions need to be answered in order to start on this new phase of my journey.

1.) List 15 people who are very important in your life. They can be alive or dead. Oh no, I don't have 15....
Let me see...
Auntie Essie
Silla and Cinny
2.)Name 3 ancestors whose energy or personality you share, or ones you would want to call to assist you in life's struggles.
Ohmigod, I don't know 3...
Auntie Essie
3.) Name 3 teachers who imprinted your life in a valuable way:
Haven't got three:
Mrs Van Zyl
Mrs Purchase
4.) Of the great human beings of history, whom would you like to consult about your life?
Nelson Mandela
Queen Victoria
5.)Who would you call if you wanted to talk in the middle of the night?
6.) Who would you want around to comfort you when you were ill or sad?
Ill= Neil, Steve, Mark
Sad= Steven
7.) Who would you want around when you want to play and celebrate?
Neil, Mark, Steve.
8.)Name five people you would want with you if you were marooned on an island for a year.
Neil, Steven. Mark, Carla and Maggie
9.)Who inspire or encourages your deepest hopes or dreams?
Myself and Steven
10.) Whose challenges push you to your edge and therefore help you to grow?
My own and Steven's
11.) Are there animal beings whose energy is precious to you?
Yes, Winston and Snuffles.
This list definitely alarms me... Why? Am I too reliant on Steven (my eldest son) for my mental wellbeing?
At last I was able to do one new card:

My Animal Beings:

This card shows my bulldogs I had when I was younger and my Shih Tsu I have now, all very loving animals who gave and give me 'unconditional' love (The only ones in this whole world who do!)

It is very important to me right at this moment in my life, no matter how busy I am with all sorts of other projects, to continue and keep on pushing myself to do this challenge I have set myself.

So, I may do it much slower than the first chapter, but I will not give up.


  1. You go girl. I would have trouble putting so many names to some of those answers too. You are brave to continue.

  2. This is therapy of the deepest kind Soul.
    And you are very brazen to do it publicly.
    I admire your spunk.
    Steven seems to hold a special place in your heart and life.
    Do your husband and children and DIL follow your blogs (this one?)...wondering.
    Sending you hugs...

  3. Hi! this is sarah sofia from scandinavia. I wanted to leave a comment on your blog with the cute baby pics, but that doesn't seem to be possible, or is it?
    Anyway, they're really lovely and the quotes great as well!

    greetings from denmark, sarah sofia

  4. i love your collage. I like bulldogs. Their expressive faces gives me something to think about. thanks for sharing.....this challenge is giving you wonderful energy. Best regards.

  5. just coming here after a long while - love it! you're not too dependant on Steve - you just love him!

  6. It was difficult for me too, listing all the different me's. I'm still working on committee cards. I'm generally a very private person, and don't share feelings other than "I'm fine, thank you". I love your latest card with your little pet buddies on it and enjoyed reading your community list. Thanks for sharing! I think you and Steven just get along very well. Friendship is not dependancy.

  7. I am happy that you are continuing on this journey. There's so much to learn, so much to discover! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and card:))))


  8. I'm finding it enormously difficult to approach this group. I spent 3 hours of focused time, reading the chapters and answering the questions -- now, though, my list is SO LONG that I don't even know where to start. Last night I circled the three that seemed most approachable, but still couldn't get moving. I think you're right to start with the animal friends. I also finally took all the pressure off myself because I realized that the Community Group is going to be one that has me forming cards forever, adding. So if I'm able to do a few representational cards for the purpose of this group/assignment/time frame, I'm good with that.



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